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Serenity Rug Reviews

"I love my serenity rug. Everyone in my office thought I was crazy when I ordered the Serenity Rug and now everyone is constantly coming to sit at my desk and relax. It fits perfectly under my desk and feels awesome under my feet." 
-Adele R. (Plano, Texas)

"When I come in to work I take off my shoes and rub my feet on the Serenity Rug. Once I do that, I'm ready to start my day. I am barefoot during conference calls and have noticed that I'm more relaxed and focused if I'm using the Serenity Rug. Everyone should have one under their desk. This is a much needed break from the day to day. I love it!!!"
-Ayla I. (Madison, Wisconsin)

"The serenity rug feels so good on my feet. It totally zens me out and actually helps me focus more. My feet and legs start going to sleep or aching or just restless so I’m always squirming around trying to get comfortable and I have tried different foot rests and props and textures. This rug feels just like grass so when you move your feet over and through the strands it massages and soothes."
-Rhonda S. (
Virginia Beach, Virginia)

"The mat is also much softer than I expected it to be. It's fun to have a bit of the outdoors inside my living room. I like the pop of color that it adds and I love the feel of the mat. I plan to order a few more for my relatives back east because I'm sure they will appreciate some greenery while they are living out on the frozen tundra."
-Albert K. (Chandler, Arizona)

"I purchased the Serenity Rug to put by my husband's desk so he can use it when he is on the computer, and when he works from home. I may have to take it back or get another one because I am jealous!"
-Christina L. (Birmingham, Alabama)

"When I bought this rug I expected it to feel like that synthetic plastic grass. This rug feels exactly like real grass. I work a lot so it's nice to feel real grass under your feet. I spend most of my day on my feet working so it's nice to be able to relax and feel what feels like real grass."
-Julie O. (Laredo, Texas)